Welcome to B. Wynn Photography!

My name is Bridgette Wynn, I am the photographer/videographer behind B. Wynn Photography.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my website. Photography is one of my passions that I could talk about for hours. I love being able to capture the beauty around me and capture special moments.

My business is built around my motto: Genuine Smiles, Genuine Moments. I love getting to know my clients, finding out the things they love, and what makes them smile. If you are looking for an energetic, friendly, down to earth, professional photographer then I am your girl.

My experience has been working with: Individual Portraits, Groups, Families, Children, Lifestyle Photography, Events, Landscapes, Business, and Real Estate. 

Some fun facts about myself

I love reading and being able to escape the world or gain knowledge regarding a skill.

I enjoy being outdoors, going on bike rides, walking around parks, or relaxing in my hammock.

I love to travel and be a tourist in whatever city I live in.

My work has been featured on a few blogs: